Oh man oh man, I can’t believe I waited so long in writing this review.

Let’s lay down the facts first: came for dinner on a weekday night, restaurant was at moderate capacity. The restaurant is tucked into a strip mall which looks deserted at night.. so it may be hard to locate.
+ Asian jazz pianist/vocalist. Yes. He is straight up Asian but he plays the piano oh-so sexy, and has a voice so smooth you can’t help but to stare/purr/drool in disbelief.
+ The proprietor is a middle-aged Chinese guy with perfect English and attentive service.
+ The FOOD: some of the best food we had came in the form of appetizers. Favorites included the pork pot stickers, shrimp stuffed lettuce, fried egg rolls. We also ordered the Peking roast duck; the duck and the wrap it came in were slightly above-average, missing sliced scallions.
– The decor fits more with an almost-trashy jazz lounge. But I guess if the target demographic is non-Asians who are looking for an “upscale” Chinese restuarant to go on a date, this place should fit the bill
– Price fluctuations. So pan noodles cost $30 but fried rice is $12? The pricing seems a little out of whack
Come here if you want to show your date a *nicer* Chinese restaurant with way more authentic food than P.F. Changs could ever hope to conjure up. You will not be disappointed in the food.. and of course, the amazin’ Asian jazz guy.  Jason L. Chicago, IL


Decent but limited menu.  Mostly standard fare.  I can’t recall last time I went to chinese restaurant that served bread and butter.  And with a name like Chopstix, you’d expect that they’d automatically provide chopsticks, no???  NO!!!  This is your Americanized chinese restaurant.
There are so many other options, for better value, although they do provide white linen tablecloths, so you know the table is clean.Bottom line: would I return?  Yes, but not anytime soon. Lawrence C. an Diego, CA


I must first say that the food is amazing! I was very impressed with this Chinese restaurant. I  enjoyed their appetizers  very much so…. I would highly recommend the Lettuce and Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-fry tofu dish. If you happen to have a gluten-free diet like myself, I would strongly suggest these two wonderful appetizers.The  appetizers start at $9 and entrees start at $ 19. I sat at the bar  for dinner and I must  note that the bartender did an excellent job on the Jack and Coke! Not everyone can properly prepare Jack and Coke. There was not too much ice, coke, or jack. It was just right!:)

Had a fabulous date with a  charming guy from North Carolina.:)The restaurant is very formal and cozzy…..However, the setting is great for any occasion. The atmosphere displays a classy taste of asian art.I found it an easy candidate to nominate for an atmosphere award.I believe the menu is very reasonable to be a fine dining restaurant. The atmosphere is great and very elegant. There is a lovely piano in the front of the restaurant with an a very talented pianist. I’m very happy that I got the chance to try “Chopstix Restaurant”. I have been living in this neighborhood for a long time and I can’t believe that I have been missing out on this wonderful restaurant. Despite the food being pleasant and enjoyable, I was not impressed with the wait staff, they were on the rude side. Kim S. Amsterdam, The Netherlands